About this Facebook thing…

Every now and then people ask me why I´m not on Facebook. And sure, there are a lot of things going on that I know nothing about, just because I´m no facebooker. Question is, do I need to know all that stuff? Do I need to know where everybody are or what they are doing at any given moment? Isn´t that God´s business? And why on earth should I want to let everybody within in computor´s sight know about me, and what I am doing all day and all the night? The world around me is giving me little space enough even without a Facebook membership, thanks all the same!


I´m not saying that I`ll never join Facebook. If I come to the conclusion that it is a necessary thing to do – which it will be for example the day when enough much useful information – that is, information that is essential to me – is passed on on Facebook, and only there, then I´ll join. Or if the good Lord commands me to, which He hasn´t done so far.

But, there is more to Facebook than just the connecting people-thing that they claim so hard to be aiming at.

There is all the gathering of information of the users, information that is used for both advertisement and more obscure ends.

There is the fact that every user gives away the rights to every word and picture he publishes on Facebook – gives them to Facebook.

There is the philosophy behind, the kind of liberal globalism that I somehow feel could be a part of the preparations for the kingdom that will come before the Kingdom comes.

And there is, of course, the effect that Facebook seem to have on it´s users, an effect that is excellently described in Hi Sir´s Facebook Song, which you can find by googling ”Facebook song – Hi Sir”

Here are the lyrics, somewhat poorly transcripted from the video:


”What did we do before Facebook

can you remember, do you even know

You used to meet with people, things to do and places to go

Now you sit at the computer, online the whole day through

what did we do before Facebook, sure no one has a clue

Did anyone send pops today or written on your wall

did you get a strange friend request from someone you don´t recall

Spend hours looking at photograps, what else would you do

What did we do before Facebook, sure no one has a clue

First thing in the morning you log in, isn´t that right

to see if your friends around the world wrote you through the night

God, look, it´s someone´s birthday, happy birthday to you

what did we do before Facebook, sure no one has a clue

Farmville, oh Farmville, give me strenght if you are able

someone´s looking for a plank of wood to finish build a real stable

there´s Petville and Fishville and Happy Aquarium too

what did we do before Facebook…

I don´t care about your mafia wars or Texas Hold´em Poker

I don´t want to be a hitman or a royal flash joker

those great addictive mindjoltgames have you sitting the whole day through

what did we do before Facebook, sure no one has a clue

What did we do before Facebook, can you remember, do you even know…

Someone tags you in a picture that you didn´t know existed

then all your friends can see you

just in case they might have missed it

keep in touch with everyone, catch up with old friends too

what did we do before Facebook…

Four hundred million users, it is popular, there´s no doubt

there´s even Facebook for your mobile phone

in case you miss something when you´re out

How did we ever manage, it´s funny, but it´s true

what did we do before Facebook, sure no one has a clue”

I am ever suspicious of such things that make addicts out of ordinary people. Because, once you have an addiction, then the one who controls what you have become addicted to, also controls you! Ordinary drugs are created, manufactured and sold for just one simple reason: money.

And, of course the ”Facebook drug” has made it´s maker one of the richest persons in the US.

But I have a feeling that Facebook ain´t just about making money.

Where from came the inspiration when it was invented?

Wherefrom the boost, when it spread, and keep spreading, like a plague over the world?

Is there something to this, that not even the visible human creator was aware of?


It´s just a little scary, how this Facebook thing is working it´s way, trapping people by hundreds of millions in it`s part of the net – working it´s way towards what?

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