Church signs can be fun!

I have not seen many funny church signs here in Finland, but in other parts of the world this seems to be almost an art. Would it not be nice – and instructing, too –  to find a sign like this outside your local church: Keep your words sweet – you may have to eat them!

And there are more!



Who hasn´t asked the Lord for a sign sometimes? The answer could be closer than you think, it could be right outside your church – on a sign!

”You asked Me for a sign? Well, here it is!


And would it not be nice if God had an e-mailaddress? It would be so easy to just send Him a mail, get in touch… But God was in this business long before anyone else had even thought of it!

”God answers knee-mail!”

Getting the right thing in the right place is most important, we can all agree to that. This sign is based on that knowledge:

He who kneels before the Lord can stand before anyone!

All are we tempted to give up sometimes, when we feel inadequate and think that anybody else could do better. But there is a church sign for days like that:

”Don´t give up! Moses was once a basket case!”

But I have saved the – in my opinion – best one for last:

”Try Jesus! If you don´t like him, the Devil will always take you back!”

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