Listening to the rapids of Kiutaköngäs

Two days ago I was sitting on the cliffs above the rapids of Kiutaköngäs in Kuusamo. And I was looking and listening. All too often we are just looking at scenarios like this, looking and admiring, but we do not listen!

As I listened to the churning waters below me, they told me of themselves, of us human beings – and of Him, who created both the rapids and me…


Here is what I heard when I listened to the water:


”I am order in chaos!” the water said. ”I never repeat myself, each passing moment brings a new pattern in the water, I am both predictable, staying here in my canyon, and unpredictable in my ever changing whirlpools! When you humans try to create order you do it by trying to eliminate chaos, you strive for control, you think that having order is the same as you  being in charge! And you get something rigid, boring, suffocating, something you didn´t want. And when you turn to chaos you eliminate order, and end up with a mess you cannot live and thrive in!

Only God can bring order in chaos in a way that allows chaos to exist!

He is not only the God of order, He is the God of peace, and His schalom is made out of order in chaos, not of order instead of chaos!

Learn from God, and the Spirit of God, by beholding me, because just like you were created in the image of God, so was I created in the image of His Spirit! He is the torrent of living water, that cannot be controlled or predicted, He is the same living combination of order and chaos as am I!

You should learn to go with His flow, rather than nervously try to reach the bottom soon as you get a little wet! Were you to jump into me you would die, and so you are to die if you let go and let Him, but dying in that way is a good thing for those who really want to LIVE!”

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